Good weapon and shield technology make these ships excellent for combat pilots. Challenging to manoeuvre due to high density frames.

Engine Technology: Pulse Thrustmaster VII
Surface Stabilizer: Tractor-4 by Tractor Science Group (UK)
Braking System: Xion Reverse-shunt Braking by Airflow Systems
Weapons Control: Cygnus VII by A-Com Wcs (s.a)
Shield Control: SureGuard by Sure Systems (USA)

Auricom had to launch a huge new offensive laser system in order to complete development of this viscous weapon. At the very least, it demonstrates their determination to do well this season. Pilots lock onto an enemy ship using a laser sight, then when activated, the craft's co-ordinates are transmitted to Auricom's laser satellite. Piercing energy bolts are fired from the airbourne system, causing major damage. However this weapon has no effect in underground zones.